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Request from cohorts to join the consortium:

Cohort studies intending to join the consortium should be prepared to provide information to the Steering Group including a description of the cohort (setting, eligibility criteria, sample size), the cohort follow up (outcomes including their assessment and registration), and exposure data. Minimum requirements are large proportions of agricultural workers, detailed exposure data on agricultural exposures, and some of the outcomes investigated in AGRICOH. The Steering Group grants membership to successful applicants. Membership includes access to the AGRICOH member homepage, invitations to pooling projects, and invitations to AGRICOH meetings (travel not necessarily covered).

Request to conduct pooling projects:

Ideas for pooling projects should be submitted to the Steering Group using the email address above, ideally through one of the AGRICOH members (see list of cohorts or IARC, NCI or IRAS). Note that AGRICOH has no infrastructural support and all costs related to the pooling projects have to be carried by the pooling project principal investigator. There is also no central data repository so that pooling projects will include data retrieval from the cohort owners including respective data transfer agreements, data harmonisation and cleaning.

If you are interested in learning more about AGRICOH and the possibility of joining the consortium, please write to us at :